Consultant and Developer on the following web projects:

Woodland Trust - Nature's Calendar

Umbraco web application for Woodland Trust members to track the effects of weather and climate change on local wildlife.

Visit the site at https://naturescalendar.woodlandtrust.org.uk/


Woodland Trust - Ancient Tree Inventory

Umbraco web application for Woodland Trust that catalogues the UK's massive number of ancient trees.

Visit the site at https://ati.woodlandtrust.org.uk/


Below is a selection of recent SoftAware web projects:

Umami Inspiration

Searchable listing of all things Umami - the fifth taste. The site was commissioned by Mamatus on behalf of the Umami Information Centre

Go to the Umami Inspiration website


Wyoming Studios

Wyoming Studios are the largest market research viewing facility in the UK and Europe. Their brief was to provide a stylish website that gives their customers a taste of who they are. Wyoming also needed to be able to update and manage the site in-house afterwards. We built this site on the Umbraco content management system.

Go to the Wyoming Studios website



Umbraco website for the British Contract Manufacturers and Packers Association.

Go to the BCMPA website


Some older projects:

Better Retirement Group

The Better Retirement website is built on the Umbraco Content management system - news items and other pages can be easily added or modified when required. The site also hosts a number of custom built, live-rate annuity calculators that allow visitors to input their own details.

Go to the Better Retirement Group Website


Baker Books Parent Pay - School Book Club Online Management System

Baker Books are a global school book club - we have previously built an e-commerce system for them that allows member schools, all over the world, to place and manage their book orders.

The new Parent Pay system allows each of these schools to set up a custom website for parents to browse and buy books direct in their chosen currencies. In this way the schools are able to run school book clubs, and earn a percentage of sales as free books, without the associated administration. 

The link below is just one of many websites that are auto-generated (with a few mouse clicks) using our online management system.

Go to one of the Baker Books Parent Pay websites


This is Money / Daily Mail Annuities Partner site

We were commissioned by The Better Retirement Group to build a partner site for This Is Money.  This site links to the Pensions > Annuities section of the ThisIsMoney site and has been designed to be fully integrated with that site.

Go to the This Is Money Website


Yoplait - Petits Filous Online Shop

This is the official PetitsOffers Online shop built by us for Petits Filous.

The site has been highly customised to suit the Petits Filous branding and integrated seamlessly with the WorldPay payment gateway.

Additionally this website is integrated seamlessly with aan in-house Order Management and Invoicing system which we also built.

Go to the PetitsOffers Website


The Retirement Partnership

The Retirement Partnership website is an ongoing project.  The site has grown in importance in the world of Retirement Financial Advice and is now sponsored by some top insurance companies like Prudential.

Visit the Retirement Partnership Website


UKCordless - An End to End Ecommerce solution

UKCordless secured a deal with a major manufacturer of telephones to sell their Additional Handsets and associated spare parts. They contracted us to build the site.

This site is driven by a SQL Server database and uses RBS Worldpay for secure online payments.

This site is integrated seamlessly with a backend Order Management and Invoicing system which we also built - when an order is processed online, an order / invoice is generated and printed at the warehouse.  Date based financial reporting is available and the amounts are entered into Sage each month.

Visit the UKCordless Website


Find a Retirement Adviser

This project involved building the site using the Umbraco Content Management System (CMS). This system is widely acclaimed to be the best and most flexible CMS on the market.

We have cetainly had very good feedback regarding its ease of use.

Visit the FindARetirementAdviser Website