SoftAware People

Julian Grahame - Training and Technical Software Development

I'm the owner and lead developer / trainer at SoftAware. I've been in this business for over 15 years and have worked on more training and software development projects than I can remember.

I started out as an IT Trainer and quickly developed a passion for building software.

I have as much passion for software as I had when I started out and am constantly striving to improve my knowledge in this ever-changing industry.

The specific advantage that I have always had is the ability to see things from a user's perspective because of my involvement with training. This means that a big part of our work is given over to the usability of any software that we develop in addition to the technical aspects.

Most of our development work these days is web-based and we now have a number of high-end web projects under our belts including ecommerce sites and sites maintained by our customers using the Umbraco Content Management System (CMS).

Paul McKenzie - Web Design, Branding & Marketing

Paul has been working with us now for over 3 years.  Paul is a great designer and communicator. His ability to listen, understand and interpret the needs of our clients is a real asset to what we offer.

Paul handles the design, branding and marketing ideas of our web projects - as you can see from our portfolio, he does a great job.